Saguaro Foundation is a private non-profit 501 (C) (3) corporation licensed by the state of Arizona to perform a variety of services for individuals with developmental disabilities, the behavioral health community, and transportation services in the Yuma County.

In 1975, parents of developmentally disabled adults came together and began to develop Home and Community Based Services. This came to be as a result of federal mandates put into place to de-institutionalize the disabled population and return them to their hometowns. In Yuma, several agencies were developed by the local Association of Retarded Citizens (ARC): the WORC Center, (a sheltered workshop), the Rainbow Center, (a day program for children), Vast, (an adult day program), and Saguaro Foundation, (a provider of residential group home services). Saguaros exclusivity for the developmentally disabled community diversified into serving the elderly, handicapped, and severe mentally ill (SMI) populations. This resulted in the birth of a transportation and behavioral health services division.

Saguaro Foundation serves over 2,000 Yuma area residents through its various programs. Saguaro currently operates 14 group homes for developmentally disabled adults, 1 children's day program for developmentally disabled children, and 2 adult day-care programs for developmentally disabled adults, and group home services for the behavioral health population.

In addition, Saguaro through Saguaro Transportation Services (STS) provides demand response non-emergency medical transportation services in Yuma County and its outlaying areas. Services are provide to various types of populations, it covers people with developmental disabilities, elderly, handicapped, disabled, severe mentally ill, children, ADA, individuals that go over and above the current ADA services, and the general public. Saguaro Foundation provides these services through a fleet of over 50 vehicles, which have wheelchair and stretcher capabilities. STS currently provides services to over 500 individuals, averaging 500 trips per day. Priority is given to all those who are not eligible for any other type of services in the Yuma County.

Organizational Mission Statement

Saguaro Foundation was founded in 1976 with a mission to provide services to individuals with developmental disabilities, the behavioral health community, and transportation services with in the community and outlaying areas of Yuma Arizona. Saguaro provides services to developmentally disabled adults through properly trained residential aids; furthermore, individuals with behavioral health problems are served through professionally trained care givers, and finally, Safe, Affordable, Reliable, and Accessible transportation is provided through professionally trained drivers. At present Saguaro focuses in protecting the rights of the individuals served and promotes their well being while enhancing their quality of life. In the future Saguaro will strive to continue the high quality of services into other areas while establishing a firm financial position.

Organizational Contact Information

Saguaro Foundation,
1495 S 4th Ave.
Yuma Az. 85364

Michael Van Guilder,
Executive Director